Empty plate


Still life oil painting of an empty plate.


Empty plate is something that always reminds me of sadness and melancholia. One of the reasons

is that we had a period in our lives when we were poor and hungry. Another reason is that it reminds me

of spiritual emptiness, which is even worst than the physical emptiness, and I have been there also, on the

dark side, burdened and depressed.


I am thankful to God that now our need are fulfilled and our bodies and souls are satisfied, so I can

look back and paint my memories.


(This painting is framed with wooden edge frame. Dimensions of the framed painting: 31cm x 41cm)


"Empty plate", oil on canvas, 30cm x 40cm
“Empty plate”, oil on canvas, 30cm x 40cm


Painting of pomegranates


This painting of pomegranates was the last painting I have done in 2016. Few months before, I was making another still life paintings of pomegranates, but they were in more traditional set up. This one is a bit different because it wasn’t planned.

I just moved into my new studio and, among the other things I moved in, I brought these pomegranates and put them on the window. I am quite messy person and that was a place where I was sure I will not lose them, Then, while I had my coffee, the sun reflected them and I knew I had to paint them just like that, without anything added to it, without any make up.

"On the window", painting of pomegranates
“On the window”, 15cm x 30cm, acrylic on canvas mounted on board (Sold)


The painting is made with acrylics on canvas mounted on hardboard. Dimensions on the painting are 15cm x 30cm (23cm x 38cm framed).

Beside the photo of the finished painting, here is an image of the painting in progress also.


Painting of pomegranates in progress
Painting of pomegranates in progress



This period I am trying to work with limited palette. For this self-portrait, I was using 5 colors:

Burnt Umber, Ultramarine Blue, Alizarine Crimson, Yellow Ochre and Titanium White.

It is made on MDF board, size 12″ x 16″, covered with Sennelier Colored Gesso.


Self-portrait, 31cm x 41cm, acrylic on MDF board
Self-portrait, 31cm x 41cm, acrylic on MDF board



“Mrs. Sonia”, portrait


This is portrait of Mrs. Sonia, artist from Denmark. I had a chance to meet her this winter.

She is brave lady with an amazing life story and that is what I try to catch in this portrait.

The painting is not perfectly rendered, because I wanted to show the human beauty beside the marks that life puts on us.


"Mrs. Sonia", acrylic on MDF board (30cm x 43cm)
“Mrs. Sonia”, acrylic on MDF board (30cm x 43cm)


Still life painting of lemons


Holidays are (finally) over and it is time to get back to work.

I must say that the last year was very fruitful for me in every aspect,

so I hope and prey that this one will be even better.

Here is small still life painting of lemons.


"Lemons", acrylic on canvas (21cm x 19,5cm)
“Lemons”, acrylic on canvas (21cm x 19,5cm)


Still life with egg


Two mini size paintings of still life with egg.

These days I study shadows and light. Eggs seems to me perfect for that.


"On the edge", acrylic on hardboard (8cm x 12cm)
“On the edge”, acrylic on hardboard, 8cm x 12cm (sold)


"It is possible", acrylic on hardboard, 8cm x 12cm
“It is possible”, acrylic on hardboard, 8cm x 12cm (sold)





Today is my last day of the project “100 days of mini art”. When I start it, way back in November,

I didn’t quite know what I’m entering to. At that moment, it was just a good idea. As the days went by,

I’ve realized that it would not be as easy as I thought.

In this 3 months, I’ve tried not to repeat myself both with painting and text. My intention was also to

share my thoughts and feelings from the present day. some days, that was very easy thing to do. There were days

when everything went smooth, when every brushstroke was on its place. On the other hand, there were disaster days,

frustrations, days when I didn’t have enough time to work or I was not in the mood to paint. But, that is the beauty of art,

to create even when situation is not perfect. That makes art alive.

I’ve learned to improvise, I’ve learned to push through hard days and to be consistent in what I do.

To wrap it all up, it was wonderful experience.

Thank you all for support and encouragement for this project.

"The painting is inside", acrylic on MDF board (12,5cm x 22cm)
“The painting is inside”, acrylic on MDF board, 12,5cm x 22cm (available)

Thirst – day 99




“You should not see the desert simply as some faraway

place of little rain. There are many forms of thirst.” 

W. L. 

Like thirst for justice, for example.

"Thirst", acrylic on MDF board (8cm x 12,5cm)
“Thirst”, acrylic on MDF board, 8cm x 12,5cm (sold)




Butterfly – day 98




Today, I felt a gentle breeze of freedom and hope for new beginning,

and there is no better symbol for transformation than butterfly.


“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.”
 R.B. Fuller    

"Butterfly", acrylic on MDF board (8,5cm x 12,5cm)
“Butterfly”, acrylic on MDF board (8,5cm x 12,5cm)






Raven – day 97




Question: Why did I choose raven for drawing?

Answer No. 1: I was out whole day and really didn’t have time and equipment to do something else.

Answer No. 2: Once I’ve read a Native American story about the white raven.

Long time ago, the evil spirit have cursed all animals in the forest. They all wanted to break the curse, but none of them

had a courage to do that. When the white raven heard that, he felt sorry for the other animals,

so he decided to go and take the curse upon himself.

Eventually, that made the other animals free, but the raven become black from the curse.

That is why ravens are black until this day.


Here is the point: It is not sacrifice, if it doesn’t cost you anything.

"Raven", pencil on paper (11cm x 17cm)
“Raven”, pencil on paper (11cm x 17cm)