Value – day 93




Everything we own has certain price.

However, most important thing is not how much it costs,

but how much we value it.


Be careful, the difference is huge.


“Value”, acrylic on MDF board (12,5cm x 12cm)

Rubik cube – day 92


Rubik cube


Very short history about Rubik cube:

In 1975, Hungarian architect Ernő Rubik invented his famous cube.

In 2013, a guy named Mats Valk from Netherlands, solved it in 5,55 seconds.


Toni Popov got his first cube as a gift when he was 8 years old.

Never solved it.


"Rubic cube", acrylic on MDF board (8cm x 9cm)
“Rubic cube”, acrylic on MDF board (8cm x 9cm)



Airplane – day 91




When the truth is found to be lies
And all the joy within you dies

Don’t you want somebody to love?
Don’t you need somebody to love?


"Airplane", acrylic on MDF board (9cm x 21,5cm)
“Airplane”, acrylic on MDF board (9cm x 21,5cm)

Safe place – day 90


Safe place


Even thou I don’t use(*) umbrella often,  every time I see it, it reminds me on protection,

It reminds me on some safe place we all dream about, place where you can be on your own.


(*) I don’t use them, because I usually forget them, but it has to do with getting older(**).

(**) Getting older is another story.


"Safe place", pen on paper (10,5cm x 10,5cm)
“Safe place”, pen on paper (10,5cm x 10,5cm)




5 steps in creating painting


5 steps in creating painting


There is a process of making for every product we see. It is the same with paintings: you have an idea, then you make sketch, transferring it on canvas, take your brushes and paint. It might be not good in the beginning, but for sure it will be better with time. And as in any other thing, the more you practice, the better it will be.

“Little Joseph” is one of my paintings that are very dear to me. My 4 years old son have those tiny shoes, size 22, in vivid colors. He left them on the balcony, on some red fruit crate. I was drinking my first coffee when the sun shined upon them. It was amazing how beautiful they were! The colors, the shadows and the way they were laid on the crate – it was perfect composition. I was reminded of a Bible story of Joseph, who received a cloth of many colors as a gift from his father. That is where the title “Little Joseph” came from. I had to paint them.

Here is the whole process in 5 steps in creating painting.


Step 1: Drawing


This is how I start. In the beginning, I was making just a simple sketch of something I wanted to paint, but than I was often tempted to improvise. Now I tend more to have a precise drawing, like this on the photo below. Than I transfer the drawing on canvas, using graphite paper, which saves time.


Step 1: Drawing
5 steps in creating painting: Step 1- Drawing

Step 2: Blocking in


After I make the sketch on canvas, I continue with blocking in (painting areas that are in shadow) , using only Burnt Umber and Raw Sienna. This process helps me to see the depth on the canvas and in the same time, emphasize light areas.


Step 2: Blocking in
Step 2: Blocking in

Step 3: Adding color


I paint with acrylics and I paint in layers. Here is the first layer. It is very thin. This helps me to see how certain colors will fit on canvas and if I don’t like any, I can easily cover them with other color later.

Step 3: Adding color
Step 3: Adding color

Step 4: Adding layers


Once I know the exact colors, I apply thin layers of paint upon them. When the paint is on the canvas, it becomes more transparent, so as the light goes through the layers, it gives the depth on the painting at the end.

Step 4: Adding layers
Step 4: Adding layers

Step 5: Finished painting


The painting is basically done in Step 4. In this last step, I just check the details or adding color here and there (usually white at this point) if I want to emphasize some detail. But, this is the hardest step for me, because at some point I have to say: “Now it’s finished”, and I am always tempted to add one more brush-stroke 🙂

Here is the final painting. I hope you enjoyed.

5 steps in creating painting "Little Joseph"
5 steps in creating painting “Little Joseph”

Creeper Minecraft – day 89


Creeper Minecraft


Here is the deal I made with my son today:

In the following days, he will be my guest on this project with his drawing/painting.

In return, I promised I will make and publish something connected with Minecraft.

With this painting of Creeper,  my part of the deal is done.

You are my witnesses.

"Creeper Minecraft", acrylic on MDF board (9cm x 9cm)
“Creeper Minecraft”, acrylic on MDF board (9cm x 9cm)


Mushroom – day 88




“it’s a man-killing
mushroom, true…
but pretty!”

                Kobayashi Issa 


"Mushroom", acrylic on MDF board (10cm x 12cm)
“Mushroom”, acrylic on MDF board (10cm x 12cm)