Painting of pomegranates


This painting of pomegranates was the last painting I have done in 2016. Few months before, I was making another still life paintings of pomegranates, but they were in more traditional set up. This one is a bit different because it wasn’t planned.

I just moved into my new studio and, among the other things I moved in, I brought these pomegranates and put them on the window. I am quite messy person and that was a place where I was sure I will not lose them, Then, while I had my coffee, the sun reflected them and I knew I had to paint them just like that, without anything added to it, without any make up.

"On the window", painting of pomegranates
“On the window”, 15cm x 30cm, acrylic on canvas mounted on board (Sold)


The painting is made with acrylics on canvas mounted on hardboard. Dimensions on the painting are 15cm x 30cm (23cm x 38cm framed).

Beside the photo of the finished painting, here is an image of the painting in progress also.


Painting of pomegranates in progress
Painting of pomegranates in progress