Day 16



Clowns are fascinating. So far, I haven’t met a person indifferent about them.

Few years ago, I met the girl who had fear of clowns. That was first time for me

to hear that someone is scared of clowns. Later, as I was searching online about

this, I find out that many people have the same fear, known as “coulrophobia”.

I was never scared of clowns. For me, they were always sad. Imagine that feeling:

they have to pretend they are someone else, doing stupid things to laugh the crowd

for applause… and I always wondered how they feel when they go home and take off the makeup.

When I think about it now, I must say: some of us are clowns sometimes, in some situations,

in front of some people. At least I am.

small acrylic painting of clown
“Clown”, acrylic on plastic visit card ( 5,5cm x 8cm)


Day 14


The key

Two years ago, I made a still life painting of treasure chest and 3 cherries in front of it. It was called “The dreams inside”. Well, today I found the key.

"The key", acrylic on hardboard (8cm x 10cm)
“The key”, acrylic on hardboard (8cm x 10cm)

Day 13


Say what you think


This lighter was gift for me from my friends. Lovely couple.

I paint it because I want to share the message that was on it:

“Say what you think”.

Note: if your wife/girlfriend is trying new earrings and she ask you if they are nice,

forget about this message.

"Say what you think", acrylic on canvas ( 7cm x 7cm)
“Say what you think”, acrylic on canvas ( 7cm x 7cm)




Day 12



There were special moments and special people that were part of my life and now are gone. This painting is a tribute to the memories I have from them.

“Everybody needs his memories. They keep the wolf of insignificance from the door.” S. Bellow

"Memories", acrylic on hardboard ( 7,5cm x 10cm)
“Memories”, acrylic on hardboard ( 7,5cm x 10cm)


Day 11



Clocks are one of my favorite objects for painting. It was 11 when I made this painting and it is day 11 of my project. It’s so predictable and obvious, I know. I could have write a deeper story to go with it, but I choose not to. At the end, it’s Sunday and I have a family to spend time with 😉

"Eleven", acrylic on cardboard ( 12cm x 10cm)
“Eleven”, acrylic on cardboard ( 12cm x 10cm)

Day 10



Today I’ve read that the reason electric sockets are in the bathroom is so you may plug in hair dryer or shaving machine. I don’t know why, but I am sure that the purpose of the socket in our bathroom is to cheer us up. You don’t trust me? Take a look.

"Socket", acrylic on cardboard (12,5cm x 15,5cm)
“Socket”, acrylic on cardboard (12,5cm x 15,5cm)

Day 8


Paper boat

One day, when I will be very old, I will have Japanese garden with Koi-fish pond and I will grow bonsai trees. Until then, I can only dream and enjoy my poor origami techniques.

P.S. If there was a machine for traveling back to the childhood, this is how I imagine it should look like.

"Paper boat", acrylic on cardboard (10cm x 15cm)
“Paper boat”, acrylic on cardboard (10cm x 15cm)

Day 7



Cartoons are funny. When my son Viktor was 4-5, he would not eat regular cheese, just because Tom and Jerry were eating only cheese with holes. So, as a good father, I would take the knife, made holes inside and the problem would be solved.

In reality, it takes time to make good cheese. Beside cooking and pressing, there are some bacteria included in the process of making those holes. If you are curious and search online for Emmentaler, among the other things that describe this cheese, you can read: “Historically, the holes were a sign of imperfection, and until modern times, cheese makers would try to avoid them”. You can also read that: “It is considered to be one of the most difficult cheeses to be produced because of its complicated hole-forming fermentation process”, or “The cheese tastes delicious”.

Now you may think that I would make parallel between this cheese and our lives and write something like “even with the holes in our souls, we are still worthy, blah blah blah…”, but I won’t. At the end, it’s just a painting of cheese, nothing else.

"Holes", acrylic on hardboard (7,5cm x 10cm)
“Holes”, acrylic on hardboard (7,5cm x 10cm)

Lego brick painting – day 5


Lego brick painting “Two by four”

This Lego brick painting is made on prepaid phone card. My first thought was to name it: “Tiny things that fathers step on when their children doesn’t put them where they belong”. But, since this is not a competition for the longest name of the smallest painting, I choose the most obvious title ever: “Two by four”.

"Two by four", Lego brick painting, acrylic on prepaid phone card (5,5 cm x 8,5cm)
“Two by four”, Lego brick painting, acrylic on prepaid phone card (5,5 cm x 8,5cm)

Day 4

Red button


It is day 4 since I started with my 100 days of mini art. Here I am, sitting in the kitchen and thinking what to write. Writing about my art seems to be limited and more complicated than I thought. I mean, it would have been easier if I was writing about other topics beside art. About food maybe. Or fashion. Or just write stories from everyday life. That would be nice.

Walking on the streets the other day, I found a button. It was red and shiny and it was interesting for painting, so I pick it up. On the way home, I was thinking about the person who lost it. Because of the size and the color, I assumed that the person who lost it was female. Was it girl? Did she lost it in a quarrel? Was it older woman? Is she married? Does she have kids? Did she noticed that she lost the button? If she did, was she sad about it, or she have other worries in her life?

There are thousands of stories I could have wrote here if this blog was not only about my art. Thousands of stories from the single red button found on the street. And all I can do is just paint it.

"Red button", acrylic on canvas (7cm x 7cm)
“Red button”, acrylic on canvas (7cm x 7cm)