Day 3

Β Hearts

Pencil deserves honor, because it is very important in creating a painting. It is the starter. With the pencil, the idea in the head becomes clear. It is the one that show you directions, it makes the difference between dark tones and the light and it tells you where to go…

This painting is tribute to the pencil.

P.S. The heart is there because it is also something very important. At least for pencils.

"Hearts", acrylic on canvas (7cm x 7cm)
“Hearts”, acrylic on canvas (7cm x 7cm)

Painting of matchstick, day 2

“Stuck” – painting of matchstick

My wife thinks I am pessimist. Sometimes I am trying to explain her that I am realist, but she does have arguments to win the debate, and to be honest, I believe that also. For my defense, I can say that if there was a meeting of pessimists, I would be most optimistic of them all. Seriously πŸ™‚

It’s not that I am eager to grab every opportunity in my life or that I am so enthusiastic in changing things, but I believe there is hope. Even when situations in life are so dark and I can’t see anything beyond, I know that there must be some exit. Somewhere. Some day. (I feel that this is the right moment to say “Sorry for this sentence” to all my pessimist readers)

Past few months were quite turbulent for me. I felt as I am stuck in the circumstances, alone, just going with the flow and not in the position to choose or change something.I knew what I should do, I just didn’t had strength to do that. And sometimes situations are bigger than our strength, so we need someone else to remove the tape that binds us.

Yesterday I published day 1 of my 100 days of mini art project and it was great. I was receiving messages of encouragement from friends and counting likes, retweets and shares on social networks. Everything was perfect until I realized that I will have to be creative and consistent for the next 99 days! Stuck again πŸ™‚ But, as my dear friend Dorothy says: “One step at the time, one day at the time”. So, I am stepping forward. Day 2 – painting of matchstick.

"Stuck", painting of matchstick, acrylic on cardboard (6cm x 10cm)
“Stuck”, painting of matchstick, acrylic on cardboard (6cm x 10cm)

100 days of mini art – day 1


100 days of mini art

There must be some secret in being consistent with what you do and I don’t know it. This was the trigger for me to start a project called “100 days of mini art”. I committed to do mini art and publish it every day for the next 100 days. I will do paintings, drawings, illustrations, typography – basically anything that is going on in my life and in my head during that day.

As I start thinking in this direction, I decided to do it small size, or as the title says, mini. First because it doesn’t consume lots of time to do it, second because it is simple and third – because tiny things are important in our lives.

I was heroin addict and I know how it is when you are considered useless and how important it is to get one more chance. So, for this project, beside canvas, I will include different materials to work on, such as credit cards, visit cards, cardboard from shoe boxes etc. In other words, to give another chance to all those tiny things that are just laying without purpose and waiting to be thrown away. Smart, huh? πŸ™‚

I believe that the world is good and that in the end, the good prevails. So, hopefully, after finishing this, maybe some rich person will invest some of his money and publish this in a nice booklet and then we can sell it and give the profit to some people in need. I know that pessimists will say “It’s impossible”, but I believe πŸ˜‰

Day 1

There was this piece of cardboard from some old children shoe-box and the shape was reminding me of a face, especially with those ears on the top, so I was thinking to make cow head. But, I am 39 years old now and have enough experience to know that sometimes parents should listen what their children has to say, so I’ve asked my son Viktor for advice and he said: “Pig head will be nicer.” And it is πŸ™‚

Welcome to this journey. Here is day 1.

100 days of mini art, day 1
“What?” acrylic on cardboard (15cm x 14 cm) – 100 days of mini art