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Paintings of animals

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After my drawings of animals with ball point pen, I wanted to see if I can make a pencil drawing.

My first choice was “Staring contest”, because it seemed that is most complex when it comes to shadows.

This is small size (17cmX19cm) pencil drawing on “Koh-i-noor” sketchbook.


“Staring contest” (pencil on paper)


Then, of course, I was wondering if I can paint them. I had 2 small size gesso boards

(gift from my dear friend Alpin). It was first time for me to paint on gesso board.

The surface was very smooth, but this time I wanted some structure under. I primed them

with 2 layers of gesso and I didn’t use the send paper at all.  Sometimes I like those lines on the

surface from the brush when applying gesso, they add movement to the paintings.

Well, here they are, Mrs. Piggy and Mr. Bull 🙂

"Oink oink"

“Oink oink”, 8″x10″ (sold)

“Staring contest”, 9″x12″ (sold)

Sketches of animals

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Sketches of animals that I’ve made while I had my morning coffee.

Using only ball point pen and some regular notebook, just for fun,

without any pressure to look perfect.

Here is the result.



I enjoyed so much in this quick art, that I had to draw some more.

Who knows, they all might become paintings one day.
















"Fast and furrious"

“Fast and furrious”

"Staring contest"

“Staring contest”

"Oink oink"

“Oink oink”