Portret drawing – day 37


Portrait drawing


Today I was working on large scale painting whole day and I was so tired to paint something for this project.

God bless pencils 🙂 Here is one quick portrait drawing.


Portrait drawing, pencil on paper (12cm x 14cm)
Portrait drawing, pencil on paper (12cm x 14cm)


Day 25 – drawing of a bird house


My old house

Past few days I was guest in my parents house. Coming back in the house where I’ve spend most of my life, stirred up lots of emotions inside of me; feeling happy and sad in the same time.

For today, I have decided to experiment and mix drawing and poetry. Drawing of a bird house together with haiku poem that I wrote several years ago.

“Кога сонувам,

мојата стара куќа

уште е таму.”

"My old house", pencil on paper (10cm x 15cm)
“My old house”, pencil on paper (10cm x 15cm)




Day 23


Post box

It is a privilege to have friends. I am writing this post from my friends home, with post box number 2. I love you, Sasho Velagic.

"Post box", pencil on paper (7cm x 9cm)
“Post box”, pencil on paper (7cm x 9cm)

Day 9


Passing by

Every morning I wake up around 6 and go to bed around midnight. That is 18 hours a day awake,

and yet, sometimes I don’t have enough time to finish everything. Sounds familiar?

As I get older, I am learning to appreciate every moment, because it is important.

Perhaps my next goal should be to learn how to organize my time.

In the meantime, I can just draw it as it passes by.

"Passing by", pencil on paper (9cm x 14cm)
“Passing by”, pencil on paper (9cm x 14cm)

Drawing of chair – day 6


Drawing of chair

Today is day 6 and I made drawing instead of painting. It is drawing of the chair I am sitting on when I drink my coffee in the kitchen. Actually, my lap top is on it while I am writing this now. This drawing of chair is tribute to all the chairs in the world, because I know some chairs that are bolder than humans.

"Chair", drawing of chair, pencil on paper (10 cm x 13cm)
“Chair”, drawing of chair, pencil on paper (10 cm x 13cm)

It doesn’t make sense? Okay. Let me tell you a story.

Shea Sizemore is one of my dear friends. He is married to Lile, sweet girl from Macedonia and they live in the States with their 2 kids, Maks and Frances.

Shea is a film maker. He does that for a living, but also because he is passionate about movies. At some point in his life, while they were in Macedonia, me and some of my friends had the honor to participate in making short films with him. Those were funny days. We had a chance to be creative and have fun in the same time. We managed to make 6-7 short films. (Truth be told, he was doing the films, we participated, but I write “we” to boast).

In case you think we were not serious: we even get the award on a festival for short films in Novi Sad! Sadly, soon after that film, they moved away. If they stayed, who knows, I might had great career as an actor in Hollywood. Looking at my broken nose, I think I would have a chance acting a bad guy.

One of the shorts that Shea made at that time was called “The uprising”. It was made for “One minute festival”, but he missed the date and he never send it. The whole film is 1 minute long and it is the story about chairs, humans and courage. Here it is. Enjoy.


Sketches of animals


Sketches of animals that I’ve made while I had my morning coffee.

Using only ball point pen and some regular notebook, just for fun,

without any pressure to look perfect.

Here is the result.



I enjoyed so much in this quick art, that I had to draw some more.

Who knows, they all might become paintings one day.













"Fast and furrious"
“Fast and furrious”
"Staring contest"
“Staring contest”
"Oink oink"
“Oink oink”