Light bulb – day 30


Light bulb

Becoming an artist was tougher than I thought. Lots of choices had to be made: choosing the right canvas, choosing the right paints, right brushes, mediums… even choosing the right light bulb! Indeed.

Today I get my new light bulb. Now, if I was just a simple, mortal man, I would go to the shop and buy first one on the shelf. But, I am planning to become an artist, right? So, I had to choose artistic one, or to be specific, one which has: “exclusive technology, known as 508 Natural Daylight Illumination, gives you true colors, clear details, and reduced eyestrain and fatigue”. And I did! 1600 lumens! Beat that! 🙂

Seriously, light is important in painting and the new one will be very helpful tool. But, I am emotional with objects and I felt guilty for not using my old light bulb anymore. With this small, imperfect painting, I want to say “thanks for serving me well”.

Because saying thanks is also art.

"Light bulb", acrylic on hardboard (7cm x 11cm)
“Light bulb”, acrylic on hardboard (7cm x 11cm)




Day 24



There are days when I am empty.

As this matchbox for example.

"Empty", acrylic on hardboard (6cm x 10cm)
“Empty”, acrylic on hardboard (6cm x 10cm)

Day 20


The quitter

“So what?” was the sentence that was most difficult for me when I get out of drugs. I would have passion and willing to do something, and then one day I would just think “So what?” and everything would lost the meaning.

There are still moments when I think the same, but I am not the same person anymore. Here is The quitter.

"The quitter", acrylic on hardboard (8cm x 6cm)
“The quitter”, acrylic on hardboard (8cm x 6cm)



Day 17



This could have been just a still life painting of tangerine, but where is the thrill in that 😉

"Nude", acrylic on hardboard (11cm x 6cm)
“Nude”, acrylic on hardboard (11cm x 6cm)

Day 15



Viktor, my older son, is a scout. He loves to watch Bear Grylls and other survival shows on television and then he is trying to practice that at home or in the yard. I love his passion for this and I can see he has certain gifts in improvisation with materials.

Last year, we bought him Swiss army knife. Truth be told, he didn’t use it at all, it was too dangerous for him and he didn’t actually need it, but it was a gift he appreciated and it is a tool that will be very helpful for him later on. Until then, his father will gladly use it in the war against the wine bottles.

"Swiss", acrylic on plywood (8,5cm x 15,5cm)
“Swiss”, acrylic on plywood (8,5cm x 15,5cm)

Day 14


The key

Two years ago, I made a still life painting of treasure chest and 3 cherries in front of it. It was called “The dreams inside”. Well, today I found the key.

"The key", acrylic on hardboard (8cm x 10cm)
“The key”, acrylic on hardboard (8cm x 10cm)

Day 10



Today I’ve read that the reason electric sockets are in the bathroom is so you may plug in hair dryer or shaving machine. I don’t know why, but I am sure that the purpose of the socket in our bathroom is to cheer us up. You don’t trust me? Take a look.

"Socket", acrylic on cardboard (12,5cm x 15,5cm)
“Socket”, acrylic on cardboard (12,5cm x 15,5cm)

Day 8


Paper boat

One day, when I will be very old, I will have Japanese garden with Koi-fish pond and I will grow bonsai trees. Until then, I can only dream and enjoy my poor origami techniques.

P.S. If there was a machine for traveling back to the childhood, this is how I imagine it should look like.

"Paper boat", acrylic on cardboard (10cm x 15cm)
“Paper boat”, acrylic on cardboard (10cm x 15cm)

Day 7



Cartoons are funny. When my son Viktor was 4-5, he would not eat regular cheese, just because Tom and Jerry were eating only cheese with holes. So, as a good father, I would take the knife, made holes inside and the problem would be solved.

In reality, it takes time to make good cheese. Beside cooking and pressing, there are some bacteria included in the process of making those holes. If you are curious and search online for Emmentaler, among the other things that describe this cheese, you can read: “Historically, the holes were a sign of imperfection, and until modern times, cheese makers would try to avoid them”. You can also read that: “It is considered to be one of the most difficult cheeses to be produced because of its complicated hole-forming fermentation process”, or “The cheese tastes delicious”.

Now you may think that I would make parallel between this cheese and our lives and write something like “even with the holes in our souls, we are still worthy, blah blah blah…”, but I won’t. At the end, it’s just a painting of cheese, nothing else.

"Holes", acrylic on hardboard (7,5cm x 10cm)
“Holes”, acrylic on hardboard (7,5cm x 10cm)

Lego brick painting – day 5


Lego brick painting “Two by four”

This Lego brick painting is made on prepaid phone card. My first thought was to name it: “Tiny things that fathers step on when their children doesn’t put them where they belong”. But, since this is not a competition for the longest name of the smallest painting, I choose the most obvious title ever: “Two by four”.

"Two by four", Lego brick painting, acrylic on prepaid phone card (5,5 cm x 8,5cm)
“Two by four”, Lego brick painting, acrylic on prepaid phone card (5,5 cm x 8,5cm)