Today is my last day of the project “100 days of mini art”. When I start it, way back in November,

I didn’t quite know what I’m entering to. At that moment, it was just a good idea. As the days went by,

I’ve realized that it would not be as easy as I thought.

In this 3 months, I’ve tried not to repeat myself both with painting and text. My intention was also to

share my thoughts and feelings from the present day. some days, that was very easy thing to do. There were days

when everything went smooth, when every brushstroke was on its place. On the other hand, there were disaster days,

frustrations, days when I didn’t have enough time to work or I was not in the mood to paint. But, that is the beauty of art,

to create even when situation is not perfect. That makes art alive.

I’ve learned to improvise, I’ve learned to push through hard days and to be consistent in what I do.

To wrap it all up, it was wonderful experience.

Thank you all for support and encouragement for this project.

"The painting is inside", acrylic on MDF board (12,5cm x 22cm)

“The painting is inside”, acrylic on MDF board, 12,5cm x 22cm (available)