Cherry bowl


Let us assume it’s 20th of November and you have start a project “100 days of mini art”

and your goal is to paint some small painting or drawing or illustration and publish it

for the next 100 days. Let us assume that it is January 20th and you were out all day

and you didn’t have time to do what you have planned. Now, let us assume it is 21:00h

and you know that you have just 3 hours left to paint/draw something. And (assuming)

you are tired and you have limited options, and there are only 3 choices for you to paint

and publish on your blog:

1. cherry bowl

2. quick portrait

3. painting of a cherry, including your opinion about what is art and how on earth the art

have impact on people.

My question is: what would you choose?

Cherry bowl, right?

"Cherry bowl", acrylic on hardboard (9cm x 9cm)

“Cherry bowl”, acrylic on hardboard (9cm x 9cm)