Clowns are fascinating. So far, I haven’t met a person indifferent about them.

Few years ago, I met the girl who had fear of clowns. That was first time for me

to hear that someone is scared of clowns. Later, as I was searching online about

this, I find out that many people have the same fear, known as “coulrophobia”.

I was never scared of clowns. For me, they were always sad. Imagine that feeling:

they have to pretend they are someone else, doing stupid things to laugh the crowd

for applause… and I always wondered how they feel when they go home and take off the makeup.

When I think about it now, I must say: some of us are clowns sometimes, in some situations,

in front of some people. At least I am.

small acrylic painting of clown

“Clown”, acrylic on plastic visit card ( 5,5cm x 8cm)