Red button


It is day 4 since I started with my 100 days of mini art. Here I am, sitting in the kitchen and thinking what to write. Writing about my art seems to be limited and more complicated than I thought. I mean, it would have been easier if I was writing about other topics beside art. About food maybe. Or fashion. Or just write stories from everyday life. That would be nice.

Walking on the streets the other day, I found a button. It was red and shiny and it was interesting for painting, so I pick it up. On the way home, I was thinking about the person who lost it. Because of the size and the color, I assumed that the person who lost it was female. Was it girl? Did she lost it in a quarrel? Was it older woman? Is she married? Does she have kids? Did she noticed that she lost the button? If she did, was she sad about it, or she have other worries in her life?

There are thousands of stories I could have wrote here if this blog was not only about my art. Thousands of stories from the single red button found on the street. And all I can do is just paint it.

"Red button", acrylic on canvas (7cm x 7cm)

“Red button”, acrylic on canvas (7cm x 7cm)