Question: Why did I choose raven for drawing?

Answer No. 1: I was out whole day and really didn’t have time and equipment to do something else.

Answer No. 2: Once I’ve read a Native American story about the white raven.

Long time ago, the evil spirit have cursed all animals in the forest. They all wanted to break the curse, but none of them

had a courage to do that. When the white raven heard that, he felt sorry for the other animals,

so he decided to go and take the curse upon himself.

Eventually, that made the other animals free, but the raven become black from the curse.

That is why ravens are black until this day.


Here is the point: It is not sacrifice, if it doesn’t cost you anything.

"Raven", pencil on paper (11cm x 17cm)

“Raven”, pencil on paper (11cm x 17cm)