Painting poetry

“Painting poetry” is my latest project in which I combine two of my passions: painting and poetry. For me, paintings are poems made with colors and poems are paintings made of words.

These paintings are painted upon old poetry books. I am trying to make a poem with some of the words that are already on the page and make a painting that resembles with it.


Our modern and fast moving world has created a myriad of opportunities to find escape from reality. Its “virtual lane”, moreover, offers an easy and fast turn away from even being oneself.

As a “deserter” from the past fulfilled with long years of self-hatred and depression, my self-portraits are a way to honestly rejoin both with reality and with myself, while acknowledging both my virtues and my flaws.


I once was lost” is a project I have started in 2018. The title of the project is taken from the verse of the song “Amazing grace”.

We are surrounded by lots of resources and many times we take that for granted. The main goal in this project was to use reclaimed materials, such as wood and paper, as a support for the paintings. Another aspect of the project was to note the origin of the objects I am using as a surface, in order to give them a value and symbolically, to save them from oblivion.

“Sometimes, at night”, acrylic on reclaimed wood, 24cm x 45cm

sometimes at night

“Despite the turmoil”, acrylic on cigar box panel,
24cm x 25cm

despite the turmoil

“Nowhere else”, acrylic on reclaimed wood,
32cm x 42cm

nowhere else

“Silence”, acrylic on cigar box panel,
23cm x 25cm (sold)



There is some secret in being consistent with what you do and I didn’t know it. That was the trigger for me to start a project called “100 days of mini art”. I have started it at the end of 2014, when I committed to do one mini-art every day, write something about it and publish it for the next 100 days. In this project I was doing paintings, drawings, illustrations, typography – basically anything that was going on in my life and in my head during that day.

As I start thinking in that direction, I have decided to do it small size, or as the title says, mini. First because it didn’t consume lots of time, second because it was simple and third – because tiny things are important in our lives.

I was heroin addict and I know how it is when you are considered useless and how important it is to get one more chance. So, for this project, beside canvas, I have included different materials as a surface, such as credit cards, business cards, hardboard pieces, cardboard from shoe boxes etc. My goal was to give another chance to all those tiny things that are just laying without purpose and waiting to be thrown away, as a symbol for the chance that has been given to me, to have new life.

Here you can see all 100 pieces of mini-art. If you would like to read the text that goes with each of them, please visit my blog.

Day 1: “What?”, acrylic on carboard, 14cm x 15cm (not for sale)
Day 2: “Stuck”, acrylic on cardboard, 6cm x 10cm (sold)
Day 3: “Hearts”, acrylic on canvas, 7cm x 7cm (sold)
Day 4: “Red button”, acrylic on canvas, 7cm x 7cm (sold)
red button
Day 5: “Two by four”, acrylic on prepaid phone card, 5,5 cm x 8,5cm (sold)
Day 6: “Chair”, pencil on paper, 10 cm x 13cm (sold)