My Work


Broken vessels

“Broken vessels” is the title of the series of paintings I have started to make in 2018. In these series I am exploring human fragility as well as our ability to endure.

Abstract Poetry

“Abstract poetry” is the title of the series of abstract paintings inspired by poems. Some of the poems are mine, some are poems by other authors. All of the paintings were created in 2017.

If poems are paintings made of words, than paintings are poems made of colors. In these series I am trying to make that connection.

It is easy to give color to the verses. It is much harder to be stripped in front of the others. Yet, I believe that is the call for the one who creates: to be on the edge and to be vulnerable.

My “Abstract poetry” series of paintings are one step outside of my comfort zone, scream of the scars that are longing to be healed, an attempt of the mortal man to sneak peek into eternity.

Works On Paper

Working with paper is joyful revelation for me: if you force it, it will snap. If you provide a support and treat it gentle, it will show the full potential and beauty. Or should i say, it behave like most of the people.

All of the paintings are made on 280g. Fabriano paper mounted on 6mm. thick board, and are framed with 3cm black wooden frame.