Artist statement

In my paintings, I delve into the essence of humanity, exploring its multifaceted nature. I find myself captivated by our remarkable ability to shape our world, reaching for the stars while embodying acts of kindness, mercy, and compassion. Yet, intertwined with our triumphs, lies our inherent fragility and mortality.

Whether I’m depicting figures, landscapes, or still life, my art always navigates the delicate balance between fragility and eternity. It is within this dichotomy that I seek to capture the essence of human existence.

For it is our very fragility that binds us together, compelling us to seek connection and support. And it is within the vast expanse of eternity that our shared humanity finds its profound meaning.


Toni Popov, born in 1975 in Skopje, is an artist who explores various mediums, including writing stories, poems, and painting. Following an extensive period devoted to poetry, he published selections of his work in two poetry collections.

Transitioning to painting professionally in 2011, he has since held nine solo exhibitions and contributed to numerous group exhibitions, both domestically in Macedonia and internationally. His creations adorn private collections across nineteen countries, reflecting his global impact.

Captured in 2014 by ‘Moments.Org’ from Charlotte, USA, his artistic journey was documented in a short film.

Soon after, Popov enriched his artistic experiences through collaborations in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, where he not only paints but also conducts workshops aimed at nurturing young artists, imparting both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Published in 2018 by ‘Metanoia’ publishing house, a book was released showcasing his innovative ‘100 days of mini art’ project, highlighting his creative prowess.

Initiated in 2022, the ‘Margins’ project was launched by him, organizing painting workshops for over 200 children from rural areas in the municipality of Debarca, ages 6 to 15, thereby amplifying accessibility to art education.

Since 2020, Popov has spearheaded the “Try Art” summer school for children in Ohrid, mentoring more than 100 young talents to date.

Additionally, he became a member of both the Association of Artists from Bitola and later joined NFUK, the Norwegian Association of Independent Artists.

Currently residing in Ohrid with his wife and three children, Popov continues to inspire and enrich the artistic community locally and internationally, showcasing his passion and dedication to the arts.


Solo exhibitions:


“Transience”, Cultural Information Center, Skopje, Macedoniа


“Man wears out imperceptibly”, (Oslo, Norway, Metanoja Gallery, Skopje and Europe House, Strumica)


“I once was lost”, Metanoja Gallery, Skopje, Macedonia

“Searching for myself”, SAS Gallery, Skopje, Macedonia


“Abstract poetry”, Public Room, Skopje, Macedonia


“Come closer”, Solo Exhibition, National Museum of Ohrid, Macedonia


Selected group exhibitions:


Drawing and graphics, Bitola, Macedonia

“Metamorphosis”, Europe House, Strumica, Macedonia

“Self-portrait in isolation”, Strumica, Macedonia


“Female model in art”, Strumica, Macedonia


“Imperfect space”, Group exhibition, National Museum, Strumica, Macedonia


International art fair “Paratissima”, Group exhibition, Torino, Italy

2015, “The sound of art”, International Group exhibition, National Museum of Ohrid, Macedonia

2013, IFES International Group Art Exhibition, Aix en Provence, France



Poster for the short film “Bygone Billy” (USA)



Tolne GGG, Sindal, Denmark (2015 and 2023)

Undheim – Corner of hope, Oslo, Norway (2022)

Glo’Art, Neerharen, Belgium (2015)



“Busker”, Short film, InLighten, USA

“100 days of mini art”, Book about the project, Metanoia Publishing House,   Skopje, Macedonia

“The orphan painter, Short documentary, Sizemore Shea, Moments Org.  Charlotte, NC