Painting poetry

Introducing “Painting Poetry,” my latest project where I seamlessly merge two of my greatest passions: painting and poetry.

To me, paintings serve as vivid manifestations of poems, alive with vibrant hues, while poems themselves are intricate tapestries of imagery painted with words.

Within this series, every artwork unfolds upon the aged pages of vintage poetry books. Here, my objective is clear: to intricately intertwine the visual and the literary, crafting a unified artistic narrative that seamlessly marries the existing words on the page with my own creative interpretation. Through this delicate process, I endeavor to breathe new life into each canvas, evoking a captivating fusion of color and verse.


Our modern and fast-moving world has created a myriad of opportunities to find escape from reality. Its “virtual lane”, moreover, offers an easy and fast turn away from even being oneself.

As a “deserter” from the past fulfilled with long years of self-hatred and depression, my self-portraits are a way to honestly rejoin both with reality and with myself, while acknowledging both my virtues and my flaws. Through these introspective artworks, I have explored the depths of my own psyche, confronting the demons of self-doubt and insecurity.

These self-portraits have not only been a personal journey of self-discovery but have also been shared with the public through exhibitions in prominent venues. My works have been showcased in galleries across different cities, including Oslo, Skopje, and Europe House in Strumica. These exhibitions have provided a platform for dialogue and reflection, inviting viewers to contemplate the complexities of self-perception and the human experience in a rapidly changing world.

I once was lost

“I once was lost” is a project I have started in 2018. The title of the project is taken from the verse of the song “Amazing grace”.

We are surrounded by lots of resources and many times we take that for granted. The main goal in this project was to use reclaimed materials, such as wood and paper, as a support for the paintings. Another aspect of the project was to note the origin of the objects I am using as a surface, in order to give them a value and symbolically, to save them from oblivion.

“Sometimes, at night”, acrylic on reclaimed wood, 24cm x 45cm

sometimes at night

“Despite the turmoil”, acrylic on cigar box panel,
24cm x 25cm

despite the turmoil

“Nowhere else”, acrylic on reclaimed wood,
32cm x 42cm

nowhere else

“Silence”, acrylic on cigar box panel,
23cm x 25cm (sold)