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“Mrs. Sonia”, portrait

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This is portrait of Mrs. Sonia, artist from Denmark. I had a chance to meet her this winter.

She is brave lady with an amazing life story and that is what I try to catch in this portrait.

The painting is not perfectly rendered, because I wanted to show the human beauty beside the marks that life puts on us.


"Mrs. Sonia", acrylic on MDF board (30cm x 43cm)

“Mrs. Sonia”, acrylic on MDF board (30cm x 43cm)


The salt of the earth – day 46

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The salt of the earth


“You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt has become tasteless,

how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything,

except to be thrown out and trampled under foot by men.”

Gospel of Matthew, 5:13


"The salt of the earth", acrylic on hardboard (9cm x 12cm)

“The salt of the earth”, acrylic on hardboard (9cm x 12cm)


Sand watch – day 41

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Sand watch


Walt Whitman is one of my few favorite poets. I love him because he is simple and deep in the same time, and also that he has a courage to say the things we don’t even dare to think about.

When I start painting the sand watch, this poem came into my mind. And I felt so small.

“Hast never come to thee an hour,

a sudden gleam divine, precipitating,

bursting all these bubbles, fashions, wealth?

These eager business aims – books, politics, art, amours,

to utter nothingness?”

"Sand watch", acrylic on hardboard (9cm x 13,5cm)

“Sand watch”, acrylic on hardboard (9cm x 13,5cm)

Snowman – day 38

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Yesterday we had the first snow this winter. It didn’t stay long, but it was enough to cheer us all.

We didn’t manage to make snowman, but if we did, this is how it would look like.

"Snowman", acrylic on cardboard (10cm x 11,5cm)

“Snowman”, acrylic on cardboard (10cm x 11,5cm)

Pawn – day 35

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Pawn is very interesting chess figure. It is the weakest figure of all and it moves slow, but if the pawn manage to come to the end of the opponent side, it can become any figure (except King). In chess terms, it is called “promoted”. I love to see it as transformation.

Maybe some other day I will write more about chess or transformation. Today I just want to say:

Do not despise pawns. You never know what they may become.

"Pawn", acrylic on canvas ( 7,5cm x 7,5cm)

“Pawn”, acrylic on canvas ( 7,5cm x 7,5cm)


Chocolate candies – day 34

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Chocolate candies

New Year is coming and our house is full of chocolates, candies and lollipops. Our kids are happy and so are we 🙂

Few days ago, our dear friend Sissel bring us some chocolate candies from “Freia”, Norway. Today, as I was giving some of them to my kids, I dropped the package by accident and the candies spilled on the table. Colors of the candies and the table, together with the shadows – it was beautiful composition. I had to paint them. Well, take a look.

And yes, we eat all those candies later. Sorry.

"Chocolate candies", acrylic on hardboard (11cm x 12cm)

“Chocolate candies”, acrylic on hardboard (11cm x 12cm)





Bristle brush – day 31

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Bristle brush

If you want to start with painting, you should know that bristle brush is very important tool. But, this brush on my painting is not some regular brush. It is special.

This is a gift from a friend. It is made in Finland and even thou I don’t speak that language (my fault), this brush was able to understood every time I was frustrated. It was my right hand for applying gesso for most of my paintings. This brush was calm even when I had bad days…

People deserves respect. Brushes also.

P.S. In Finnish language, “Mina rakastan sinua” means “I love you”.

"Bristle brush", acrylic on hardboard (13cm x 16cm)

“Bristle brush”, acrylic on hardboard (13cm x 16cm)