Nutshell – day 67

  This painting is a tribute to Alice In Chains, one of the bands I love a lot and had huge influence on me.   Nutshell   We chase misprinted lies We face the path of time And yet I fight And yet I fight This battle all alone No one to cry to No place...

Green peg – day 57

  Green peg   “There are plenty pegs here. Why me?”, the green peg asked. “Because you are special”. “\o/”          

Cassette – day 49

  “Cassette”   Back then, this was the recipe: 1. Find cassette with the music you like 2. Put it in deck 1 3. Put empty cassette in deck 2 4. Press play on deck 1 5. Press play/record on deck 2 6. Wait, wait, wait… 7. Congratulation  ...

Piece of cake – day 48

  Piece of cake   Today is day 48 of my project “100 days of mini art”. To be honest, sometimes it is very hard to choose what to paint, but sometimes is just piece of cake.

Little cactus – day 47

  Little cactus This little cactus have a soft heart. The lemon tree in the pot beside, thinks that it may kill him one day. I don’t.