Portret drawing – day 37

  Portrait drawing   Today I was working on large scale painting whole day and I was so tired to paint something for this project. God bless pencils 🙂 Here is one quick portrait drawing.    

Day 25 – drawing of a bird house

  My old house Past few days I was guest in my parents house. Coming back in the house where I’ve spend most of my life, stirred up lots of emotions inside of me; feeling happy and sad in the same time. For today, I have decided to experiment and mix...

Day 23

  Post box It is a privilege to have friends. I am writing this post from my friends home, with post box number 2. I love you, Sasho Velagic.

Day 9

  Passing by Every morning I wake up around 6 and go to bed around midnight. That is 18 hours a day awake, and yet, sometimes I don’t have enough time to finish everything. Sounds familiar? As I get older, I am learning to appreciate every moment, because...