“Stuck” – painting of matchstick

My wife thinks I am pessimist. Sometimes I am trying to explain her that I am realist, but she does have arguments to win the debate, and to be honest, I believe that also. For my defense, I can say that if there was a meeting of pessimists, I would be most optimistic of them all. Seriously 🙂

It’s not that I am eager to grab every opportunity in my life or that I am so enthusiastic in changing things, but I believe there is hope. Even when situations in life are so dark and I can’t see anything beyond, I know that there must be some exit. Somewhere. Some day. (I feel that this is the right moment to say “Sorry for this sentence” to all my pessimist readers)

Past few months were quite turbulent for me. I felt as I am stuck in the circumstances, alone, just going with the flow and not in the position to choose or change something.I knew what I should do, I just didn’t had strength to do that. And sometimes situations are bigger than our strength, so we need someone else to remove the tape that binds us.

Yesterday I published day 1 of my 100 days of mini art project and it was great. I was receiving messages of encouragement from friends and counting likes, retweets and shares on social networks. Everything was perfect until I realized that I will have to be creative and consistent for the next 99 days! Stuck again 🙂 But, as my dear friend Dorothy says: “One step at the time, one day at the time”. So, I am stepping forward. Day 2 – painting of matchstick.

"Stuck", painting of matchstick, acrylic on cardboard (6cm x 10cm)

“Stuck”, painting of matchstick, acrylic on cardboard (6cm x 10cm)