Day 24

  Empty There are days when I am empty. As this matchbox for example.

Day 21

  Shark I love to paint objects and give them different roles. It stirs my imagination. At the end, it is not about the object that is painted, but more the way we want to see it.

Day 16

  Clown Clowns are fascinating. So far, I haven’t met a person indifferent about them. Few years ago, I met the girl who had fear of clowns. That was first time for me to hear that someone is scared of clowns. Later, as I was searching online about this, I...

Day 14

  The key Two years ago, I made a still life painting of treasure chest and 3 cherries in front of it. It was called “The dreams inside”. Well, today I found the key.

Day 13

  Say what you think   This lighter was gift for me from my friends. Lovely couple. I paint it because I want to share the message that was on it: “Say what you think”. Note: if your wife/girlfriend is trying new earrings and she ask you if they...